Pass Construction will take on as large or small a roll as you need. Whether for a large landlord portfolio or a first time build-out, we will collaborate with your team to establish the project requirements and offer the services to best meet those needs.

As your general contractor or construction manager we offer the following services from the planning stages of your project to the ongoing maintenance of your space. 

Pre-Construction Services

  • We will review the project program to establish the project requirements
  • Based on preliminary design criteria, we will prepare preliminary schedule , cost estimates, recommendations and provide information to help the design team and ownership with budget, schedule and constructability
  • We will expedite and coordinate the ordering and delivery of materials, including those that must be ordered well in advance of construction to fast track the project

Construction Services

  • We provide staffing for the project including site supervision for the coordination of trades
  • We will coordinate with the project architect, owner and contractors to meet scheduled milestones
  • Procedures are implemented for the review of shop drawings, material samples and spec packages
  • Weekly project meetings are held to review schedule, costs, receipt of long lead items and coordination for the upcoming week - Meeting minutes are written and distributed
  • Cost Controls are reviewed to ensure actual project costs are in line with budgets
  • Site Safety will be monitored using DOB and OSHA guidelines
  • Daily reports are kept as a daily log of pertinent site activity including manpower and general descriptions of work performed that day
  • Equipment Start-ups will be performed with architect, engineer and/or owner to observe the final testing of utilities and equipment
  • Final inspections will be coordinated to ensure all punchlist items are completed and closed out

Post Construction Services‚Äč

  • Project sign-offs will be procured and appropriate consultants will be contacted for inspections
  • As-Built Plans will be submitted the ownership
  • Equipment Manuals and Reports will be delivered to ownership
  • A maintenance program or an agreed time to review requirements will be established for the ongoing enjoyment of your new space